Professional web design for entrepeneurs

Boost your online business with a professional website customized and adapted to your budget.

Do you need a professional website to launch your online business?

 Mooiwebdesign will help you with the design of a personalized, seo optimized web page, and offer you tools and key strategies that will help you transform your passion in your online business.

How can we help you?


Web design for small and medium entrepreneurs. Adapted to your needs and your budget. Your professional website, aimed at helping you launch your online business, attract new customers and grow with your online business.


Differ from your competition. Each project is unique and so must be your website. Connect with your ideal client with an unique corporate identity that will help you to transmit in a professional manner, the best of you, your products or services.


¿Do you have your ideas clear, but do not know where to start. You have work ahead but you feel stuck …? I help you define your project, strategy and action plan step by step, with the resources and tools that helped me, and that I use with my clients.

Hello!! My name is Martina, I am a publicist, entrepreneur and web designer.

I help entrepreneurs like you to launch and start online with a professional, careful and personalized website.

I help you to define your project, your ideal client, to give personality to your brand, and to launch your website in a professional way, so you can start, from the first day, to fulfill objectives and monetize your passion.

MOOI is my personal project, in MOOI I combine all my experience as an entrepreneur with my most creative part, to help you also monetize your talents and launch your online business.

Why work with me?

Because I am an entrepreneur like you and I know the importance of presenting yourself to the world in a professional way.

I have 10 years of experience in digital projects.

I help you with the design of your website, and I offer you effective tools and resources that will help you start your online business.

And, most importantly, because I deeply love what I do, I believe that the world needs more people to love what they do and my mission is to help other women like me, to get to work on something that also fascinates them.

What some of my clients say

The experience with Martina has been simply great. We have understood perfectly and have managed to get that smile that reaffirms that I am happy with the result. I highly recommend it, more than a web designer is a manager in this complex process that involves creating the image of a company.

Aimara RivasWedding planner

Finding Martina on my way has been a real luck. It helped me immensely when I decided to start my own entrepreneurship project. Designed my first website to my size, fully functional and beautiful. In addition to that during the process has shared with me their experiences and some valuable advice. Working with her is a pleasure and very easy. The best of all, is that wonderful synergies have emerged between the two. Very professional and a charm.

Xana GonzalezMarssocialmedia

The process of designing the page was very enriching because thanks to the questionnaires that Martina sent me, I was able to define my project and focus it much better. I recommend Martina to any entrepreneur who wants to take their business to another level! Thank you Martina for helping me to materialize my project! It was a pleasure!

Zineb AlouiSelf-confidence Coach


Ready to take the first step?

If you are ready to take the step and start also to work on what you are passionate about, to monetize your talents and, above all, to enjoy the freedom of being your own boss, discover how I can help you.


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