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I present you my latest works and a little bit the stories behind each project,

Kitorganizer is the parallel project of Maite, who is a specialist in organizational consulting.

It is focused on helping people feel at home, with the coordination of removals, home organization, and planning and accompaniment in change processes.

Organizational Solutions for the Home

Design and layout of personalized web page.


Maite Albañil

Organizational Solutions for your home

Maite Albanil

Retail Consultant

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Maite is a specialist in Retail Consulting.

After many years of experience traveling around the world opening stores and forming, from the hand of one of the best-known brands on the planet, she launches as an entrepreneur and creates her own brand aimed at the business sector.

Retail Consulting

Design, Branding and layout of personalized web page

Aimara is an entrepreneur who inspires. From the first day we spoke, I knew that she was my ideal client.

Committed to the excellence and passion of weddings, one of my passions too.

We immediately went to work and to this day he shares his joys, with messages telling me how to contact a new client or close collaboration with a new provider.

Crafts with character inspired by simplicity

Corporate image design. Design and layout of website and personalized online store.

Arquitecto de Bodas

Wedding planning

Dreams from my Soul

Personal Self-Confidence Coach

Zineb is Self-Confidence Coach and an example of that confidence that only gives you the clarity of knowing what you really want and the decision to go pursue your dreams. Your web is a reflection of it, a space of self-knowledge that takes you to discover that you really wake up every day and work on your dreams.Dreamsfrommysoul.com Self Confidence CoachDesign and layout of personalized web page.

Mar is an artisan who decided to take the step and add to the fairs and event where she participates, an online store, and thus reach new markets.

The name of the Zaera, comes in honor of its grandmother, who at its more than 80 years, is recognized as Grandmother Influencer with an account in instagram of more than 200K followers, where she shares her creations designed in Paint.

Crafts with character inspired by simplicity

Design, Branding and layout of personalized online store.

La Zaera

 online shop




Bandafy is one of my startup projects.

It is a marketplace for hiring music for events.

With your participation in 2018 atWomen Entrepeneur Investors Days, organized by Connector I’m not selected for being in a very early phase, but I met very interesting, it helped me to sharpen my perspective and opened doors to new synergies

Hire live music for events

Design, Branding and layout of the marketplace.

Martha is an illustrator.

Her work has been exhibited in halls around the world, from Colombia, his native country, to Japan. Martha is a friend of many years and she honored me with the confidence of her work and the responsibility of exposing it on a web page in a visual and professional way to reach new markets.


Design, Branding and layout of personalized web page

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